What is ...VISIONS?

We are an ''One-stop'' Shop offering Quality and Value-Added goods for all business environnements.

At “VISIONS” we are devoted on serving the visual merchandising and operational procurement needs for small and medium businesses. As such, we aim to build lasting relation with our customers and help them grow. 



We stock the most popular products locally and ship quickly.



We are here to work with you to find the product that you need.



Our designer will unlock your space’s potential.



VISIONS is committed to a personal service.


We offer solutions.

To keep life simple, we are focused on helping by promoting daily required operating supplies and new concepts in visual merchandising .  We have a strong belief that businesses need to care and encourage each other.

Our courteous team, counts over 30 years of experience and will gladly answer your questions. Each request receives our full attention and is processed as quickly as possible. It’s easy to talk to a member for all your inquiries.

Why Choose Visions Support Products?

How We Can Help?

We treat you as one of our Team, we help with our heart and our commitment.


At “VISIONS“, we have a mission, a vision and objectives that guide us daily.  This is done through discipline and encouragement backed by a powerful theme. This theme motivates, inspires and keeps us growing.

This Theme is simple: “Trees”.  They have elements and strengths to encourage us to do our best.

They encourage us by:

  • Their various appearances
  • The way they live together
  • Their contribute to the environment
  • Their persistency
  • Their adaptability
  • Creating an eco systems structure
  • The way they form a community
  • Showing us how to face adversities
  • Using differences to support each other
Woman holding a small plant in her hands.

We are committed to CNEI “Constant Never Ending Improvement” and one of our main values is to actually listen to our customers needs.  As such, we assure that every issue that is brought to our attention will be addressed.


  • Aim to be Eco-responsible
  • Take actions to inspire people around us
  • Listen to understand the concerns
  • Focussed
  • Constant never-ending improvement.
  • Be persistent in building our own future and develop without competing with others.
  • Enjoy and appreciate what we do and have, and help others without expectations

We Believe in Partnership and Lasting

Convenience Store

Animal Care and Pet Stores

Sporting Good Stores

Automobile and Garages


Food and Grocery Stores

Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Eating and Drinking Establishment

Toys and games

General Stores

Clothing and Apparels

Business Offices

Legal and Financial Services

Real Estate

Educational and Social Services

Day Care and Senior Home

Beauty and Cosmetics

Health and pharmaceuticals

Hospitality and Cleaning Services

Insurance Brokers


Being eco-responsible can be accomplished in so many ways, every action taken with this intent is a step in the right direction. Environment being a main concern, we have a category dedicated for environmentally-friendly products.

All our categories are centered on businesses and each category has products that are adaptable, modular, and expandable or has various attributes.

Furthermore, having a “minimal stock “policy insures lower cost for storage. We continuously strive in the search for new products that are designed to answer the needs of our clients. This is why we welcome each and every one of your requests and suggestions.

This helps us focus on having a Raving Fans Service Objective:
-Plus 1%

We invite you to explore our site where you will find a wide range of items.