We ship everywhere in Canada. However,”VISIONS” does not offer a service to a postal box. The supplied delivery address must be accurate and non-misleading.

Please verify your shipping information carefully. “VISIONS” will have to charge you for any change to your address, if made after your order has been shipped, a member of our team will contact you regarding the fees. This could result in undue delays.

Otherwise, “VISIONS” reserve the right to refuse delivery to the address supplied.

An estimated delivery date will be provided to you once your order is placed. Note that this delivery time is only an estimate. We will try to respect the given date. Considering that delivery is through a third party, we are unable to assume any liability regarding shipment delays or any other circumstances.

If you require shipment on a particular day and/or time, advise when and by whom the order will be picked-up. The carrier is responsible to verify the order and sign that they have picked it up in good conditions. “VISIONS” responsibility end once the goods have been given to your carrier.

In our website you can only select standard shipment, This standard freight rate requires you to take the items off the back of the truck.

If your company has limited access or does not have a loading dock or is unable to unload products from the truck, please call us for specific service. An additional fee could be charged. The limited access delivery concern locations that cannot easily receive shipments, usually when meeting any of the following conditions: not open to the public during normal business hours, related to security restrictions or other conditions.

You are obligated to inspect and count the items before the driver leaves the premise. Damaged and/or shortage must be noted at the time of delivery and witnessed in writing on the delivery slip by the driver. Any other issues must be reported to us within 24h.

If you have to refuse goods, please call “VISIONS” at 1-888-220-6955 prior to the departure of the driver, some items are non-returnable.