What’s New Article 1

In this new era when brick and mortar and e-commerce co-exist to attract people’s attentions, where marketing presentations have more impact than the actual product and that he tools used are changing drastically and vary from one industry to another.

To be able to answer the question of what’s New depends solely on perception and interest.

The articles to follow will be a team effort. At Visions we would appreciate if you would participate by sending us what that you are interested in or suggestions you may have. We will do our research and answer accordingly.

So for now, just fill in the message box below  and submit and we put it into one of our articles.

In the month to come, What new will be  divided into 7 series of articles.  One article will be posted every week a s of August 2nd.

Stay Tuned everyone,   August 2nd is coming Soon.